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LOMANCO Item #: 22943864 -

    Tight fitting high-density polyethylene foam end plug for VUR series. Adjustable from 3 1/2 to 12/12 roof pitches.

    Price: $98.99
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    LOMANCO Item #: 22940225 -

      The LOR30 is a 30 foot, compact rolled ridge vent. It is easy to handle and with features such as molded-in nail lines, center lines, cut lines, and fan folded end plugs, it easy to see why it's the professional's choice. There are no accessories, connectors, or alterations needed. Packaged with 2 coils of 1 3/4" nails and can be installed with a pneumatic nail gun.

      Price: $16.49
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      LOMANCO Item #: 22940852 -

        (30) 2 1/2" ring shank nails per piece, internal aerodynamic curved baffles and external perpendicular omni baffles to maximize ventilation capacity and weather protection, four drain holes per foot per side, and 18 square inches of Net Free Area per linear foot. Installation is easy with molded-in visual nail lines and center lines along with the patented fan-folded end plugs. Supported nail holes are provided every foot and will not crush down. The engineered material guarantees it will last...

        Price: $58.49
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        LOMANCO Item #: 22943898 -

          Embossed painted finish for added strength, extended paint life, and blending appearance with shingles. Available in black, brown, and weathered bronze baked enamel finishes. A full 18 square inches of net free per linear foot. 3/8 x 1/2 slotted weep holes in wind baffles for water run off. 1/8 x 1 louvered openings inverted to block weather infiltration. Can be cut to desired length at 2-foot intervals. Low profile blends with roof construction. Pre-notched nail holes for easy installation....

          Price: $30.99
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          LOMANCO Item #: 22943831 -

            One piece construction. Embossed painted finishes for added strength, extended paint life. Easy installation, male and female connections - no straps necessary. Engineered weather infliltration protectors at each connection. Pre-punched nail holes.Adjusts from 3/12 to 8/12 pitches. Full 18 square inches net free area per linear foot. Tight-fitting high density polyethlene foam end plug available.

            Price: $11.49
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            LOMANCO Item #: 22944763 -

              Features include posi-tabs to contour to shingles for improved weather protection, external Venturi "omni" baffles for enhanced airflow, continuous molded end plug and under lap prohibit weather infiltration, 6 drain holes per side, and 30 2 1/2 ring shank nails per piece.

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